When it comes to mini crossovers, Hyundai sure has a knack for rolling these out. First, there was the Casper that might remain forbidden fruit to those outside South Korea. The second was the Exter, which is made for emerging markets. The latter was previewed earlier this year, but full specifications were not shown at the time.

First off, the size, and it’s less than four meters long to suit a certain tax band in India. The exact measurements are 3,815mm long, 1,710mm wide, 1,631mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,450mm. While not exactly a Jimny competitor, the Exter is close in size to the mini 4×4. For reference, the five-door Jimny is 3,985mm long, 1,645mm wide, 1,720mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2,590mm.

Moving on to the engines, there are two choices available for the Exter, namely a 1.2-liter, four-cylinder gas engine, and another 1.2-liter bi-fuel version with compressed natural gas (CNG). The transmission selection is a five-speed manual or an automated manual transmission (AMT). The CNG models can only be equipped with a manual.

The 1.2-liter gas version produces 82 hp and 114Nm of torque, so it’s about on par with other similarly sized engines. As for the CNG-powered model, that one makes 68hp and 95Nm of torque. In case you’re wondering, CNG is (apparently) a popular alternative fuel over in India.

Hyundai has finally released a few interior shots of the Exter. For those who own a Stargazer, the instrument cluster and touchscreen housing might look familiar. Those two displays are housed in one panel, similar to the popular subcompact MPV. As for the rest of the interior, it has a textured dashboard, loads of storage bins and pockets, and a generally playful vibe.